Club Meeting September 13 6pm at FDR Park, Lot 6!

club club clubThis is going to be great!  We’re moving our meeting to FDR Park for the summer months.  What does this mean? It means you can come out and enjoy the long nights with your good running friends.  We’ll have beer, food and some of the best running-related banter in the lower Hudson Valley.

We’ll get started at 6pm — which is a half hour earlier so we can maximize daylight.  But what’s awesome is that Jack Brennan is moving his speed workout to the park as well, so you’ll be able to show up at 5:15 and get an awesome workout in before hand.  Don’t feel like killing it on the hills?  You can do an easy warmup and then enjoy some some time eating and drinking.

Here’s Jack’s workout:

 The plan is to do hill repeats on the hill going up to Parking Lot 4 and to start at 5:15. Please let me know if this works for you. My cell phone # is 914 469-0702

An it’s free!

Here are directions.  We’ll be at Parking Lot 6!  Having trouble finding it?  Call Greg.  His number is 917 284 8853.  He is very nice to speak to on the phone.

Here’s an executive summary of the schedule:  Run with Jack at 5:30pm.  Eat and drink at 6:30pm  You can do either.  Or both.  But not neither.  That is all.

See you Wednesday!