Club Meeting August 13th 2014 6:30pm at FDR Park, Lot 6!

Run like this!  Then drink!

Part 1

This is going to be great!  We’re moving our meeting to FDR Park for the summer months.  What does this mean?  It means you can come out and enjoy the long nights with your good running friends.  We’ll have beer, food and some of the best running-related banter in the lower Hudson Valley.

We’ll get started at 6:30 — which is a half hour earlier so we can maximize daylight.  And it’s free!

Here are directions.  We’ll be at Parking Lot 6!  Having trouble finding it?  Call George.  His number is 914 447 6269.  He is very nice to speak to on the phone.

Here’s an executive summary of the schedule:  Run with Jack at 5:45,.  Eat and drink at 7pm.  You can do either.  Or both.  But not neither.  That is all.

Here’s more information about Jack’s workout:

Speed workout on a Track!

Coach Jack Brennan will be hosting his weekly speed workout at 5:45pm. 
Jack will be doing a track workout this week.  He’s meeting here.   Here’s an email I just got from Jack:

I’d like to go over my ideas on track workouts designed to improve you mile speed which I feel will translate to faster times at longer distances.

That sounds great.  Typically at speed workouts I just run around in ovals and wait for the pain to stop.  To have some purpose behind that would be really great.

The workout will start at 5:45, at the Yorktown High School Track.  I’d show up at 5:15 or even 5 and get in a good mile or two as a nice slow warmup.  Because when Jack starts there will be no more of that.


See you Wednesday!