Wednesday Speed Workout on Trails at Rockefeller Preserve

Coach Jack Brennan runs a workout at Rockefeller Preserve every Wednesday — each week it’s a different workout with particular objectives and challenges; contact Jack via email to find out what’s going on right now.

Jack sends out a weekly email, which is great to have if you’re going to the workout, but also useful if you’re missing it. You can emulate the workout on your own and not feel sad that you missed an awesome run.

We’ve made a little form by which you can contact Jack and say “add me to the email” or “I hate running.” He’ll respond appropriately.


The workout starts at 5:45pm, and usually begins here.

Latest Email From Jack

Night Ops

trail-runningShorter days?  Darker nights? Stop the speed workouts?


Coach Jack Brennan is starting his Wednesday NIGHT OPS, which combine a speed workout, reckless trail running and a blanket of darkness.

Meeting each week, this elite group, armed with only headlights and a lack of a fear of mortality, careens through the woods in search of quick turnover and staying in shape through the winter.

We’d love to have you join us. Jack uses a much smaller email list for this group, so if you’d like the heads up of what’s going on each Wednesday, please email jack at [email protected].