April 7, 2012

Scotland Run 10k

Thank you to all the women who ran in the Scotland Run 10k today (April 7): Suzanne LaBurt (43:03), new to Taconic, but not new to running!, Karen Davies (45:08), Tina Batton(46:00), Cathy Groneman (52:53), and Mary Walsh (1:12:28). The Open Team finished in 26th place, because
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NYRR Scotland 10k April 7th, 2012

Great run today everyone. Steve Hoanzl raced for the first time in Central Park since the marathon in 1993. Want photographic proof he was there? Scroll down. A huge shout out to Tim Delaney and Steve Calidonna who both came in second in their devision. Greg Diamond came in third
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