This coming Wednesday we have a choice two hard runs at The Rockefeller Preserve. Those of you 40 or over are encouraged to run the Master’s Challenge and I’ll forward the club’s email announcement just in case you aren’t on that email list but it starts on Swan Lake near the visitors center. The speed workout is for you youngins or those 40+  runners who just can’t do the 7PM start.
Barn Loop*
The course & workout is  3 x 1.05 miles around the shaded loop and starts right where we meet. There will be only a 2 minute recovery so we’ll spread out a little. We shouldn’t take too much more than a half hour so there will be plenty of time to go over and cheer on the geezers and take some of their refreshments.

* Emoji There is no actual barn on the loop but you can catch a glimpse of one at the 1st turn.