I’m planning a new workout which is designed specifically to speed you up on the 5th Ave Mile course. It is also a team race. The workout will be on our pacing course and we start near our meeting spot and will start on the opposite side of the bridge. I’m going to wheel the course for 800m, 400m and 200m marks. The workout is 1 x 800, 3 x 400m and 4 x 200m.

  If you check the attached file you will see that the 5th Avenue mile course has a gentle downhill  for a little more than quarter of a mile (7 Blocks)  followed by a moderately steep uphill for about an 1/8 of a mile (3 blocks) then a longer downhill of about 8 blocks then finishing  with a 2 block relatively flat finish. In NYC city there are exactly 20 blocks to a mile.