Taconic Road Runners was a real presence at Coogan’s Salsa, Blues and Shamrocks 5k today.  We had a record number of women run this race: Jane Lundy , Karen Davies, Sally Greene, Kathleen Crowley, Janet Hartman, Ruth Littmann, Andrea Fortino, Margaret DeLuca, Cathy Groneman, Margie Katt, and Deb Wessely.
Our Open Team finished 18th today out of 41 teams,  thanks to Jane (19:56), Karen (22:10), Sally Greene (22:45), Kathleen (23:43) and Janet Hartman (24:29).
The Masters Women finished in 5th place, earning 6 points, thanks to Jane, Karen and Sally.
The Veteran Women finished in second place, behind Athena NY, earning 12 points.  Thanks again to Jane, Karen and Sally.
The Taconics joined thousands of other runners after the race at Coogan’s Bar and Restaurant.  Coogan’s sponsors the race, and hosts a post-race brunch, featuring eggs, shepherd’s pie, corned beef sandwiches, pastries and of course, refreshments from the bar.  All in all, a very enjoyable day.
Our next team race is the Scotland Run 10k on Saturday, April 7.  If you’re thinking of  joining us (and why not, it’s a fun day!), please register soon, as NYRR races have been closing out lately.