Cross Country Relay 2023 Results

Winter is just a word.  Well, it’s also a season denoting cold, wet weather. None of that prevented these great runs!

Cover photo by David Cook

PosTeamBib#DivisionLap 1 Runner3.0 miLap 2 Runner6.0 miLap 3 Runner9.0 miTotal TimeAvg Team Pace
1The Musky-Teers115Open – MalePhilipp Frener0:23:15Rene Vgarte0:25:41Matthew Browne0:23:281:12:248:02
2Fast + Furious117Open – MaleMiguel Juarez0:31:39Celso Yaxon0:32:47Felix Torres0:27:181:31:4410:11
3Masters of Disaster139Masters – MaleManny Romero0:28:51Andrew Phail0:35:04Erick Tatro0:30:441:34:3910:31
4Soggy Chicken Nuggets105Open – MaleVianey Pina0:37:38Daniel Simbro0:26:59John Santiago0:36:351:41:1211:14
5Treasure Trails121Open – NBJeremy Ritz-Totten0:32:46Curtis Brown0:37:17Nick Dill0:31:101:41:1311:14
6KBK Adventurers144Masters – MaleKate Eaton0:55:59Brian Muller0:33:34Karl Schaefer0:39:582:09:3114:23
7Front Runners A+ Team107Open – MaleIsaac Grivett1:03:48Amir Pehghan0:54:15David Cook0:34:552:32:5816:59
8Los Cordoros de Dios118Masters – MaleRuben Fulgencio0:31:49Bernardo Hernandez1:44:18Ruben Fulgencio0:40:292:56:3619:37
9Tortugas Voladoras106Open – FemaleAbelino Alatorre0:24:10Melina Rosas1:52:24Maria Torres0:40:072:56:4119:37