I think we’ve been seeing each other long enough, and it’s time to take it to the next level.  Listen, there’s nothing to be afraid of, we’ll get through this together.

Wait, what’s in it for you?  Well, you get discounts on all races, a copy of our newsletter, and the sense of kinship and belonging that comes from club membership.

Please note nothing is forever, and we won’t autorenew your membership, and we’ll charge your credit card only once.

Here are the prices — we know, they’re unbelievably low.  We can’t believe it!  Please note that the club pays the credit card processing fee, so this is the actual cost of membership.  It’s not at all like a cell phone or a cable bill.

  • Student membership-available for those under 19 years old for $10  per year.
  • Individual membership-$20 per year
  • Family membership-$30  per year

Questions about your membership email Chris Irwin.

You can click the button below to join or rewnew – you’ll be sent to our friends at Runsignup who handle the transaction. Welcome abord!