This is our next to the last daylight speed work of the year however we will continue with our “Night Ops” speed workouts beginning November 4th. We’ve been doing it for some 5 years, it’s lots of fun and as yet no one has been hurt or lost to the night. I have a separate mailing list so you must let me know if you want to be on the “Night ops” email list. Also while we are at it those of you who don’t come to the workouts at least once in a while please let me know if you wish to be on the email list for next year. I know that circumstances change and what once seemed like  a good idea may no longer seem so.
Here’s this week’s workout:
This workout starts on the opposite side of the bridge where we meet just 50 yards north. The course is the Pocantico River Trail which is a gentle downhill out and the reverse coming back. The workout is 4 x 3 minutes out and 3 minutes back, with the goal being to get back to the exact starting point without looking at one’s watch after the turnaround. Done correctly all will finish at the same  place at the same time making it a great workout for those new to speed work. It also teaches one to conserve energy a little at the beginning then to ratchet up the effort coming back up the mild upgrade.