Saturday Long Run

Saturday Long Run

There is an organized run every Saturday morning at the Pump House starting at 7:30. Paces and distances (up to 20 miles) vary widely and there are usually enough people running to find someone or a group to run with. Water and gatorade are put out by one of the runners every week. Coming for the first time? It’ll be great! We start here:

Hey are you interested in hearing what everyone is doing this weekend?  You can send an email with nothing in it to and we’ll add you to our long run mailing list.  Honestly, it won’t hurt if you do put something in the email but no one will read it, except for Google, who is reading your mind anyway.  


Runners put out the water and gatorade. In other words, if we don’t put it out it doesn’t get put out and then we are all thirsty and annoyed!! Fortunately, we have the WATER BARON who coordinates the Saturday fluids. What’s most important is that you sign up to put out the water, or you will feel the wrath of the Baron.

There are two places we have water and gatorade (click the link for directions):

The Mailboxes: This is 3.3 miles from the start

The TriangleThis is 2.2 miles on Quaker Ridge Rd from stop 1.




First Waterstop

Second Waterstop