We mourn the loss of a great person and great TRRC member, Steve Quinn. Our thoughts are with his wife, Katy, their four children and all the grandchildren. Steve gave a lot to Taconic and he will be dearly missed.  If you’re her facebook friend,  please reach out to Katy there.  Or please leave a reply to this post below and we’ll send them all to Katy.


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  1. Steve and Katy were the heart of TRRC for many years. On a personal note, they are largely responsible for many of lasting friendships Greg and I have made since moving to Westchester many years back. They welcomed TRRC members to their home (gave great parties), mentored new runners, directed races and initiated and participated in many of the charitable endeavors undertaken by the club. Our hearts go out to Katy, Heather, Meghan, Connor, Riley and the grandkids. Steve will be sorely missed by so many — he was a special man and we were fortunate to be counted among his friends. Godspeed Steve.

  2. We lost a very special Taconic member today. Steve Quinn was the perfect example of being a husband,father,grandfather,friend and Taconic member. Steve’s love for his family was always evident when you were around them but he also treated Taconic friends as if we were one big family.
    I met Steve and Katy over 20 years ago running in FDR and have been friends ever since. Steve’s personality,wit,sarcasm,and laughter is part of what made him so enjoyable to be around at Taconic events. Steve was a runner that was not particularly fast but that did not stop him from being the best member you could ask for. Steve’s and Katy’s influence on this club is a big reason why I am a member and I will miss him very much. I have many great memories with Steve that will always make me smile. Thank you my friend.Rest in Peace.

  3. I only know Steve and Katy for a short period of time since I moved to Yorktown in 1994. I have fond memories of both of you through the Taconic Road Runners Club. Your prior dedication is what makes this club amazing in helping all of us with issues outside of running. I hope some of the new members realize the foundation that was created years ago. My family and I appreciate everything the original members created and passed on to the next generation. Our prayers go out to you Katy and your family.

  4. “Spears of light” as Steve used to call the light that came through the trees when running through FDR park. Steve enjoyed his running and being a member of Taconic. I will remember his joyful laugh and friendly demeaner. When first meeting both Katy and Steve, I learned that they were both veterans and meet while in the Navy serving their country. Steve served on a submarine. They were both wonderful together. My thoughts and prayer go out to Katy and her family.

  5. I have many great memories of Steve over the years . Perhaps the fondest is when he, Freddy Loehfelm and I ran as the “Three Amigos” in a snow-shortened Cross Country Relay. We were actually lapped in the race, but had a great time. Steve embodied all that is good about our Club, and his contributions, along with Katy’s are numerous. People like Steve made Taconic a great social group as well as a running club, and I will miss him a lot.
    John Hallinan

  6. I joined Taconic many years ago. I was a new runner and didn’t really know anyone in the club. However, I quickly became friends with Steve and his wife Kate. I was always impressed that they could participate and organize so many Taconic events while having a large family of their own. They made Taconic members, like myself, feel like an extended part of their family. Pride is the one word I think of when I think of Steve. He was so very proud of his family and I admired that and many other things about him. If you are fortunate to wear anything with TRRC on it, you can thank Steve and Katy as they really built the foundation of our club. I suggest we rename one of Steve’s favorite races – Mudders and Grunters. I think the club should honor Steve by naming it “The Steve Quinn Mudders and Grunters Race.” Perhaps we establish a perpetual trophy in his honor as well? I think it’s the least we can do for a man who did so much for our organization. God Bless you Steve and may you continue your long runs in Heaven.

  7. An icon, as this guy was totally dedicated to his family and the extended family, our club. Both Joanna and myself grieve his death totally. He was there for every new member and every old member constantly with his positive attitude, always. To this day I can still hear his unique and distinctive laugh with his outgoing positive attitude. He stepped up to the plate all the time, no questions asked and we should never forget this person as he was one of the rocks of our foundation. Going over to his house for a party or a race directors meeting was absolutely mesmerizing and the best. I’ll never forget at one of these meetings he said to me,” Guess what Rich, you’re going to be race director coordinator next year as I ‘m passing the torch”. How could you say no to that? I worked hand and hand with him for many years and the ideas he would come up with were awesome. Take forinstance our present day finish line, those paint cans filled with cement painted green with PVC pipes was his mastermind and doing. Every time I pick one up now at a race, I will think of Steve and when we change to the chip system, I will make sure one of those green cans and pipe will be at the head of the finish line in his memory. Our best to Katy and her family now and in the future. The man who owns the ranch in the sky has taken a very good man from us. We can’t believe he is gone, so sad.

    Rich & Joanna Nash

  8. Dear TRRC Members, (brief part of a note we sent to Katy Quinn)

    It is with a heavy heart that we send these pictures and can only relate to your lose as if one of my own family had died; but it is also a time to celebrate and pray tribute to a wonderful family man, his wife, and their ‘marvelous’ offspring.
    I posted on your blog, that we had ‘easily’ 100 pictures of Steve; but when we started going through just one of my 4-5 old Taconic albums (with an admitted tear in my eye) we realized that that count has to be upwards of 500 or more…;)
    So, having said that, please try to enjoy, and I mean this whole heartedly, some of the ‘few pics’ of our good friend Steve Quinn. And, as you look through them, please sing to yourself, or OUT LOUD, might be a better idea, “Those were the days my friends, we thought they’d never end, we’d sing and dance forever and a day…”

    I would like to expand on the idea that Tina posted and WHY NOT MAKE THIS YEARS ‘MUDDERS & GRUNTERS’ A TRIBUTE TO OUR GOOD FRIEND, STEVE QUINN. I’m not sure how you feel, but Pat and I were saddened that we could not make the trip to Texas for his funeral, but we still wanted to do something.

    I am not sure who is the club President or the M&G race director this year, and I realize there is very little time to promote or ‘get the word out’ but if whoever is reading this agrees, please let me know at my email address: fredylowe@comcast.net and Pat and I, and hopefully many other ‘old time Taconcs’ would plan on attending M&G for a tribute to our friend Steve. I can almost guarantee that if you were in TRRC in the early 90’s, I have pictures of not only you, but you with that ‘smiling face’ of our friend, Steve Quinn.

    Hope all is well; and please let me know…

    Onward & Upward,

    Fredy Lowe

  9. Fred and Pat, Greg Cohen is our current president with Nick Jubox the M&G director. I will be at the race and you be well, Rich Nash

  10. We’ve gotten Steve’s name on the shirt for Mudders, and we’ll be adding an award in his honor this year as well. As an organization, we are only as good as our members, and Steve made us so much better by his being in the club. The club as a whole offers its deepest sympathies during this difficult time.

  11. It is very hard to leave another note about Steve Quinn and Katy that is saying anything more than has been mentioned in the wonderful notes above. Having a name so close to theirs, I am Glynn, and Katy, well I am Kate. We were often mixed up. But I do have Steve in fond memories, always friendly, outgoing, welcoming. I was sorry when they moved away from the area and hope that Katy, children, and grandchildren are doing well. I missed them then and now even more. God bless!
    Kate Glynn

  12. As a former President of the Taconic Road Runners Club
    and Founder of the Murders and Grunters Race I would like to suggest that we add another trophy to the Murders and Grunters Race named the Steve Quinn
    Memorial Trophy.

  13. I would like to express my condolences to Katy and the Quinn Family on the untimely passing of Steve. Although his career and military background were of a serious nature, his outgoing and generous personality allowed him to find time to mix in levity on a daily basis. He possessed a “down to earth” attitude in his relationship with others which enabled him to fit into any situation.

    Having known Steve for over 20 years, as a friend and Taconic member, I can look back with fond memories of our friendship whether it be kidding him about his “cheesehead” Packers, his beloved Marquette Warriors (now Golden Eagles), his adopted Yankees, my underachieving Mets, politics, or social issues. He not only could dish it out, he could take it as well.

    Steve and Katy’s hospitality after many Taconic races were often looked forward to more so than the actual races. Their companionship and warmth made you feel like you knew them forever. Steve’s energy and enthusiasm were monumental.

    Many Taconic members have discussed ways in which we could honor his memory. Different suggestions have been tossed into the mix. One of the suggestions was to rename the Mudders and Grunters race. However, from a purely historical point, the Mudders and Grunters race was started back in the 70’s under the tutelage of Dan Caffrey and Owen McCrudden (who was the original race director until his move to Florida). Upon Owen’s relocation, Steve stepped in and became race director at which point the race flourished. Knowing Steve and his regard for Owen, I feel he wouldn’t want the race to be named after him. I do think it would be appropriate to rename the Geronimo Cup the Steve Quinn Geronimo Cup.

    At this time, although we are sadden by his passing, it is a time to reflect how fortunate we all were to have experienced a remarkable relationship and friendship with such a generous person. May he rest in peace.

    Howie Solow – fellow “MOPer”

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