There are days we are proud to be Taconics.  Today may or may not be one of those days.  But great great showing everyone!

Here are the results… pictures and videos to follow.  Want your video or picture to be taken down?  The club accepts unsolicited donations.

Seriously, great great job.  See you next year, when we expect both better and worse results!

Liam Harrison 8:09
Jesus Martinez 8:48
Gregg Schroko 9:19
Bret Kilefner 9:20
Andrew Vaccara 9:54
Eliot Lee 11:51 (Set a world record-ran 100 mile race and 1 mile race in one week)
Michilli Kearns 12:57*** multiple infractions for not finishing beers and opening first beer before race started
Laura Bienkowski 16:50
Peter Wetzel 17:52