Tuesday Speed Workout on Trails at Rockefeller Preserve

In honor of our Coach Jack Brennan we continue to run a workout at Rockefeller Preserve every Tuesday — each week it’s a different workout with particular objectives and challenges; contact Karen via email to find out what’s going on right now.

Karen sends out a weekly email, which is great to have if you’re going to the workout, but also useful if you’re missing it. You can emulate the workout on your own and not feel sad that you missed an awesome run.

We’ve made a little form by which you can contact Karen and say “add me to the email” or “I hate running.” She’ll respond appropriately. You can also email her at [email protected].

The workout starts at 5:45pm.

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Tuesday Workout for 4/6/21

Let's meet on Tuesday 4/6 at 5:45 pm for the Hill & Dale run.  We will gather at the meeting spot by the stone arch at 5:45 and jog to the start of the workout together.  

(The speed portion begins at Witches Spring Trail, so there
will be a ¾ mile warmup from our meeting spot built in.)

Hill & Dale:

This consists of 6 X 3 minutes hard then 3 minutes
  It’s a beautiful rolling course
and somewhat challenging.  The course is
Witches Spring Trail (all of it), 200m north on Gorey Brook Rd Trail, 13
Bridges Loop (all of it), Eagle Hill Trail (all of it).  We finish heading south on Gorey Brook Trail
(again) to the farm road trails to our meeting spot.

Keep in mind that although we run in a quieter section of
the Preserve, the trails are multi-use and we will encounter others during our
  Please respect others and follow
common-sense Covid precautions:

Bring a mask or gaiter than can be pulled up when
passing others on the trail and when we gather to regroup between

Run on the left and run single file when passing

If our group is large, we may begin each
interval in groups of 4 to space things out. 

Always yield to carriages/ equestrians