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Hi all,

On the advice of several medical professionals, we must suspend our group
run waterstop routine for the duration of the pandemic. There’s no way to
avoid contacting shared surfaces.

For those of you who choose to continue with group runs, please try to
follow recommended guidelines and maintain safe distances from one another.

Best wishes,


What's the deal with water?

A great thing about the Taconics is our Saturday Long Run.  And one thing that makes it awesome is that volunteers put out water.  You too can volunteer!  Here’s where we put it out:

(click on the waterstop to see where it is via Google maps)

Mailboxes – 3 gal water, 2 gal gatorade (4 – 64 oz bottles) and 50 cups

Triangle – 1 gal water, 1/2 gal of gatorade and 25 cups

Please don’t retrieve water before 9:30

What can I do?

Ready to sign up to help?  Email the water baron!


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