The takeaway isn’t these awesome and fast times, it was the great time we all had hanging out on a great day. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Be sure to check out the photos.


Movers and ShakersOpen Male11:10:18
FRNY – Watch Me Sprint…Open Male21:10:43
FRNY – FruitcakesOpen Male31:12:51
Leatherman HarriersOpen Male41:13:35
HHMSHS Male11:17:23
FRNY – GoGo BoysOpen Male51:19:45
FRNY – Masters of DisasterMasters Male11:19:54
Taconic Mixed MagOpen Male61:20:55
I Don’t KnowOpen Mixed71:21:20
FRNY – GroupiesOpen Male81:21:27
Lost and FoundOpen Male91:22:14
Team Go-MoOpen Mixed101:23:02
Bag of MarblesMasters Male21:23:05
FRNY – WanderersOpen Male111:23:29
Oh The Weather Outside is NipplyMasters Male31:24:11
Dicey TimeOpen Male121:24:28
Team UltimateOpen Male131:24:43
Jeanne D’arc et Les Deux MousquetairesMasters Mixed41:25:04
Leatherman Harriers #8Masters Mixed51:29:58
FRNY – Guscott’s BoysOpen Male141:30:02
Team TarzanOpen Mixed151:30:29
FRNY – WoodsmenOpen Male161:32:45
Team SVOpen Female11:32:56
30 BucksOpen Male171:33:10
Leatherman HarriersOpen Female21:33:23
FRNY HoHoHo’sOpen Male181:34:00
Dan, Dennis, JonMasters Male61:34:28
FRNY – Ingenders ConfusionMasters Male71:35:00
Brian, Joe, TimOpen Male191:35:32
FRNY – Team Still CluelessOpen Male201:36:27
Joe’s AngelsMasters Mixed81:36:45
The GreybeardsMasters Male91:37:00
FRNY Lady BitsOpen Female31:38:50
Leatherman Harriers G TeamOpen Male211:46:36
LoftusOpen Mixed221:50:29
FRNY Almost AwakeOpen Female41:50:32
CampoverdeOpen Mixed232:02:44
FRNY – Worst Pace ScenarioMasters Female12:08:39
FRNY – Dirty BirdsOpen Female52:11:10
CharcuterieMasters Mixed102:12:16
FRNY – Sheared BeaversMasters Female22:54:00