We have only two more Wednesdays before daylight savings time ends. It’s pretty dark by 6:30 now so I’d like to get in our last “Hill & Dale” of the regular season. This is a hilly course and the workout is 3 minutes hard and a 3 minute recovery times 6. Especially now, with it getting dark early, we need to be sure that no one gets lost. When I see who is running we can assign whomever is needed to keep it safe.
Since the jog to the start is the warm-up can we meet & start at the bridge at 5:20? The extra 10 minutes will help with the light at the end.
A few of us continue these workouts into the Winter with headlamps. I know that it sounds foolhardy but it really isn’t all that bad and is quite a lot of fun. Let me know if you are interested and I can order the headlamps.