The Taconic ladies will be having their annual get-together at Jaipore Royal Indian Restaurant in Brewster, NY on Sunday, Feb. 26. We will be meeting there at 12:30 to enjoy their lunch buffet. Cost is $20 at the door, and covers the cost of the brunch ($14.95) plus tip. Adult beverages are available at your cost. The luncheon is a great way to catch up with people you may not have seen in a while, and is certainly not limited to those women who participate in the team races. Come along, and bring a friend! You can RSVP to Cathy Groneman at [email protected]

For those of you interested in racing, our next team race is Coogan’s Salsa Blues 5k on Sunday, Mar. 4. Registration is closed, but I would love to hear from those of you registered to know if we have a team, and if you would like to carpool from Millwood. Again, you can get in touch with Cathy at [email protected]

I will try to post the schedule of races on, but am technologically challenged, so it’s a bit of a stretch. If you’d like, I can emaila copy of the schedule to you; contact me at the address above.

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