Dear Ladies,


Whoo-hoo! Taconic women are truly a presence!


In yesterday’s mini-marathon 10k, the women’s open team finished 15th of 47 teams.


The 40+ team finished in 5th place for the day, out of 33 teams,  moving them up to 5th place overall.


And the 50+ women finished FIRST out of 11 teams,  moving us into first place overall, followed by Athena New York and New York Flyers.  Athena is an outstanding team, but we moved ahead of them, not only because of our outstanding running, but also because we had at least 3 runners in the age group, and they didn’t; only two finished. When I say we need you, it’s absolutely true!  Thank you all for your “presence” yesterday!


The computation of the standings listed here is by my “penciling”; results have not yet been added to the team standings list on the nyrr website.  You can check the standings at     At the top of the page is a link to teams, then click competive, then team standings, and download.  Voila, there we are!


And yes,