After a great year of running and racing, it’s great to reflect on our efforts as individuals and as a team. And to eat great food, drink great drinks, and enjoy some laughs. We’re returning to our old stomping ground — Peter Pratt’s Inn for this special night.

The cost is $50, and includes  beer, wine, soda, coffee, appetizers, buffet dinner and dessert. There will be great food and vegetarian options.   At $50 for a night of drinking, not running, and eating great food, wow, that’s more than reasonable. We’d call it cheap!

You can pay in person with check, cash or credit card.


You can no longer  pay in advance! We handle the credit card fee, you can pay with a credit card, so on the night of the event, it’s like it’s free. Magic!  Click here to do that:


We hope to see you there! Where, you ask? Right Here:

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