It was a great night out for the Taconics and the larger New York running community at NYRR’s Club Night 2018. Celebrating the best in team racing, our team was in the top three across many categories as a team and as individuals.

The 50s Women and the 60s men both won team of the year in their divisions, and there was huge enthusiasm in the room as Jack Brennan joined the stage with the 50s women to celebrate their victory. The women gave their award to Jack in honor of the huge influence he has on the training of the club.

The 60s men filled the stage with their huge smiles – this is a great group of guys and their love of running really showed.

Steve Calidonna won runner of the year in his division, and couldn’t have been happier. We were heavily populated in this category – so although Steve’s victory was unambiguous and individual, we all felt like we were on the podium with him.

Our president, Tom Maile, won first in his division and was gracious as always. A video of the event captured him putting on his jacket on the way to the stage – this was no time for informality and Tom was not to be caught in shirtsleeves.

Joking aside, it was a great night. It’s a blast to go to this event if you’re nominated or not, and we can’t wait for an even bigger showing next year both as attendees and — of course — as nominees!

There were some great pictures from NYRR, and Ted got some great shots as well. Greg Cohen got some pictures on his phone and some video as well.