What an awesome day out there!  Great job everyone!!!!

For the men, Ken Pfaff was our first overall runner and came in second in his division as did Tom Maile. Steve Calidonna and Tim Delaney both placed third in their divisions, with Ed Dillion and Joe Porcaro placing 4th.

For the women, Suzanne was our fastest runner, placing third in her division, with new(er) Taconic Jean Norton coming in second in hers. 

Cathy wrote a great email as always:

Good afternoon, everyone,


The 2017 Club Team Championships is in the books, although I wasn’t sure it would be. Our drive to Manhattan involved torrential rain, thunder and lightning.  However, everything cleared out by race time,and the men started at 8:00 and the women at 8:45.  At race time, it was 70 degrees (yay!), but 97% humidity (boo!). 


Thanks to these women who braved the elements to do Taconic proud: Suzanne LaBurt (32:24, third in age), Jean Norton (34:43, second in age), Benedicte Uguen (36:16, tenth in age), Kerry Monahan (37:54, 11th in age), Karen Davies, (38:14, 6th in age), and Minhua Lu (41:16, tenth in age).


Their participation was especially important today, since the Club Team Championship is a double points race.

As always, the following results are preliminary and the result of my calculations. Will advise of any change or errors.


Our 40+ women finished sixth today, thanks to Suzanne, Jean and Benedicte.  This moves them back one place, to third.


Our 50+ women finished second today, thanks to Suzanne, Jean and Kerry, putting us 17 points ahead of second place Van Cortlandt Track Club!   Well done, ladies!


I want to thank everyone who came out today, to race, to spectate, to cheer and to enjoy the “picnic in the park” after the race.  We may run to kick butt on the race course, but we enjoy the camaraderie of the other clubs with just as much enthusiasm.  What a great day!


And as always,



A great day for a great club.


Overall PlaceGender PlaceAge-Group PlaceBibFirst NameLast NameGender/AgeIAAFOverall TimePace Age-Graded TimeAge-Graded Place Age- Graded Percent
29429421208KennethPfaffM63USA0:32:1006:26 0:25:2822 83.72%
32932931407StevenCalidonnaM62USA0:32:4806:34 0:26:1345 81.34%
36836834295GreggSchrokoM49USA0:33:2306:41 0:29:49256 71.52%
53953962321GregoryCohenM49USA0:35:4907:10 0:31:59446 66.67%
56356320290MichaelMocciaM57USA0:36:1107:15 0:30:14299 70.54%
57957931890TimothyDelaneyM68USA0:36:2607:18 0:27:32101 77.42%
6866864291JosephPorcaroM68USA0:38:3207:43 0:29:07197 73.23%
708708492140FrankColellaM54USA0:38:5507:47 0:33:21539 63.94%
728728361884TedPernicanoM59USA0:39:1007:50 0:32:09455 66.33%
837837641230JosephBencivengaM50USA0:41:1908:16 0:36:36760 58.25%
89589521640ThomasMaileM75USA0:43:2508:41 0:29:58270 71.17%
90690641638EdwardDillonM70USA0:43:4608:46 0:32:24482 65.81%
907907251238AntonioCucalaM23ESP0:43:4808:46 0:43:48986 48.67%
10211021132800MarcOxmanM74USA0:51:1710:16 0:35:58715 59.28%


The Women!

Overall PlaceGender PlaceAge-Group PlaceBibFirst NameLast NameGender/AgeIAAFOverall TimePace Age-Graded TimeAge-Graded Place Age- Graded Percent
686831429SuzanneLa BurtF54USA0:32:2406:29 0:27:265 88.26%
12412421243JeanNortonF55USA0:34:4306:57 0:29:0212 83.36%
176176101887BenedicteUguenF43FRA0:36:1607:16 0:34:33174 70.07%
239239111157KerryMonahanF54USA0:37:5407:35 0:32:0682 75.43%
2562566160KarenDaviesF57USA0:38:1407:39 0:31:1256 77.57%
370370101915MinhuaLuF55USA0:41:1608:16 0:34:31173 70.11%