We need to start on time as the club meeting is up in Yorktown Heights at 7PM. Our workout takes exactly 40 minutes giving us a half hour to get there. If you are a few minutes late there is a short cut you can take and if you are later still just run the course backwards and turn back around when you meet up with the group.

Here’s the club blurb:

Club Meeting Wednesday!

Are you a little bummed about this cold weather? Is it messing up your running? Want a chance to talk about it with people who are also bummed out?

The timing couldn’t be better, because this Wednesday it’s the Taconic Club Meeting at Drinis Taverna, 7pm at 2 Old Tomahawk St, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598.

It’s a great time to get together, talk about running.  See off the folks who are headed to Boston next week. Hear about recent running successes.  And abject failures. 

The cost is $15; what a deal!  If you’ve never been, please join us – it’s a great opportunity to see the runners you’ve seen on the weekend with pants on.