We have a really fun event on tap this coming Wednesday in lieu of our normal speedwork at Rocky’s. It’s a 2.5 mile race in FDR Park where the winner is the runner who comes closest to guessing their finishing time sans any timing device on their person during the race. I see three ways of approaching this event 1st you could race it and likely get a 2.5 mile PR. Second and my recommendation for most of you is to run it at a tempo pace which would be about your 10 mile race pace which coincidentally is the distance of the NYRR team race in the Bronx this coming Sunday. Lastly if you are coming back from an injury or just prefer to take it easy you can run it at your current training pace.
The course is easier than most at FDR with a only a few modest hills. Part of it is run on a rutted dirt road, I’m not sure what kind of condition it’s in but it is likely to slow you down a tad. The race is free to members with free food and adult beverages. Here is the link to the race:

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