Couple’s Relay December 8, 2019

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It’s time for the Couple’s Relay — December 8th at 10am!  Each team which must be one male and one female. The cost is $10 per runner, and winners in each category — determined by the combined age of the team —  will receive classic merchandise as a prize.  By “classic merchandise” we mean stuff left over from earlier in the year.  But hey, we’re recycling!  That’s important too.  Although not as important as the pancake breakfast.

What pancake breakfast?  Well, after the race, we’ll cook like crazy and make some awesome recovery breakfast vittles.  They can’t be beat.  Just like you!

The race starts from the lodge at blue mountain — see the map below.

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Questions? Call Steve Caladonna, the race director 914 302 2465.



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