We just got an email from Nick DiLauria. Please join us in remembering a Taconic.

Sadly My Father, Dominick Angelo DiLauria, passed away Tuesday December 18th, from complications of heart failure. He was 86. He was doing well until last spring, then his body started to fail him. He was comfortable at the end and I believe he passed peacefully.

He started a second “career” as a runner after his kids left for college. He told me his first workout lasted about 20 minutes. He got to the track jogged about 20 yards, hit the wall, and walked the rest of the way around for his first quarter mile workout. But he kept at it, and as I look through his things, he seems to have run hundreds of races, a few dozen marathons, including NYC and Boston a few times each.

As its the holidays, I don’t want anyone to disrupt their plans with their loved ones to attend the wake. And I apologize for asking, but I hope, if possible, you could pass the word, to any of the runners that knew Dad..

If anyone has the time the wake will be Friday December 21st, 2pm – 4pm, 6pm – 8pm at:

Yorktown Funeral Home
945 East Main Street
Shrub Oak NY 10588
(Just off the Taconic Pkwy at the Route 6 exit)

Take Care,

Nick DiLauria