Photo: Poughkeepsie Journal

First the 5k.  Tommy Delaney WON, with a light speed time of 16:08    Carol Hanson  was first in her age group with a 25:01.  In the 55 age group:  Doug Rose (19:42)  and Bill Foley (20:11) took second and Thrid.  in their age group.   Tom Maley  was strong with a second place in his division.  Ken Pfaff 1st55-59, John Cunningham 5th 45-49, Barry Naft 3rd 50-54.  Other finishers Jim Martin and son and daughter, Rich Schillio. Lorraine Ahern, Joe Groneman and Patsy Perrolta. Well done people.

We had some super quick times for the half.   First of all Mike Baker (1:19.40)  FAST!!!  Karen Davies( 1:38.17)  Fran Pisano (  1:55.16)  Steve Hoanzl (1:36.57)  All won their respective age groups.    Mike Moccia  (1:28.38) took second in his age division.   Jin Cai  (1:30.56)  and Jimmy Ahern (1:31.01)  took 3rd place in their divisions.  More great Taconic runners:  Ted Pernicano with a 1:34:56.   Chrissie Cunningham 1:45:43, Jenny Setareh 1:46:43, Sam Bader 1:47:02, George Batton 1:48:42

Congrats to all the runners — just an amazing show!