WE ROCKED! It was a bit hotter than many would have liked, but the team did outstandingly well.

In the half marathon, Greg Diamond came in 5th overall with a mind blowing 1:19:50, Bill “Ski” Foley, ran a 1:26:15, and Alyssa Lifrieri was the second woman overall with a 1:28:31. There were Taconic winners in many divisions, with Jim Martin, Leo Gromley, Nancy Young, Karen Davies, Steve Hoanzl, Tall Bill Foley, Cathy Groneman, Jenny Seterah, and Carly Cooper Johnson all placing or winning.

In the 5k, Tom Maile won his division with a 20:58.40 and Diana Pernicano came in 4th in her division.

An amazing job all around! Hey, if we left anyone off the list, please accept our apologies — there were no teams noted in the registration. Please drop us a note, and point out the error of our ways!

We’ve got some great pictures as well. Check them out.

The full results are on the Mid-Hudson track club’s site, but should you want to take a glace, here’s the half, and here’s the 5k.