Most of you probably already received this but just in case you didn’t here it is with a map no less. It promises to be a fun evening.

Subject: Club Meeting, Workout and, oh, BEER MILE Wednesday

Club Meeting, Workout and, oh, BEER MILE Wednesday

Club Meeting Wednesday! Jack’s Workout! Beer Mile!
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Wednesday is Upon Us
Dear Jack,

During the summer, it’s all too easy to let the days flow into one. Monday becomes Tuesday, Thursday flows into Saturday, and before you know it our hottest season has disappeared. Back to school, no more casual Fridays, and soon enough we’re out running through the freezing rain, slipping on ice and trying to down gatorade without choking on the frozen parts.

If only there was a day this week where something truly special could happen, where we could have an afternoon and early evening to concentrate on running excellence, hang out with our running friends, and then do something stupid yet memorable.

Well, friends, that opportunity is upon us. We’re holding our second Taconic Beer Mile this Wednesday.  But the beer mile is just 1/3 of the running awesome on the 13th.

Club Meeting 

At 6:30pm we’ll start to show up at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights, parking lot 6. It’s a great time to hang out, meet new people, tell jokes, listen to my jokes, it’s really fantastic. We have veggie options (even more this time), an Italian sub (which I’m not sure they actually eat in Italy) and beer and sodas.

The meeting