There is no question that this year, more than any other, we had so much emotionally invested in this historic race.  This was a time for the sun to shine where last year there was only darkness brought on by unspeakable evil.  Thank you all for showing us what it means to run in the sun once more.  Thank you for making as all Boston strong.

Now, on to the team!!!!

You did us proud!!!!  John Reumann crushed it with a 2:40 and a PR!  Jane placed 12th in her division with an awesome 3:12 on a hot day.  Jin PR’d with a 3:13, running smart and even. It seems like the Taconics can only send outstanding women to Boston, and Mary Natel had a great day with a 3:35!  Mike seemed to have a smile on his face in every picture, and showed us what it means to be Boston strong.  Patrick came in with a great time on such a rough course.  John did great and is a welcome member of the team.  Jimmy has been working crazy hours at his real job and did an awesome job at his running job on those Newton hills.

Give ’em all a shout out in the comments! Did we miss someone, let us know!



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