Guess Your Time 2023 Results and Photos

Despite a surprise removal of our directional signs (and we’re very sorry to those two who ended up off course due to this situation), we held a fun and challenging  Guess Your Time 3 mile run through the trails and roads of FDR Park. 
Runners were able to try out the latest Saucony shoes courtesy of Saucony rep Stephanie Jean-Charles and Croton Running Company’s  Ellen Brescher. Ellen and Stephanie also provided raffle prizes including a pair of Saucony Kinvaras and a cool Saucony backpack.  Thanks Ellen and Stephanie!
And and and ….. visit Croton Running Company between today (8/10) and Saturday, 8/12 and get a generous 20% discount on a new pair of Saucony shoes (Ellen can order shoes for you if they’re not in stock).  So drop by and check them out.

After the race, we were treated to food and drink (courtesy of TRRC and with thanks to Tom Maile and Liz Palmer for taking on this job) and a TRR meeting led by President Doug Rose. Bob Hermesch predicted his finishing time a mere four seconds from his actual run, winning a pair of Saucony shoes. And, fittingly, Liz Palmer, one of our most dedicated volunteers, won the raffle for a pair of Saucony Kinvaras. 

Scroll down for photos beneath the results. 
NamePredictedActualSeconds off
Bob Hermesch0:31:270:31:23.364
Randolph Randolph0:26:180:26:07.4111
Chad Collesian0:25:370:25:49.8113
Ted Pernicano0:25:300:25:13.0017
Jake Toth0:26:310:26:10.4421
Caroline Curvan0:29:130:29:48.3435
Heidi Fuhrman0:26:240:25:44.9439
Edward Levy0:27:000:26:19.9540
Kenneth Pfaff0:25:300:24:47.0243
Tim Collins0:25:300:24:45.5144
Christopher Irwin0:22:300:21:42.5647
Bela Hovy0:24:450:23:24.1981
Fran Pisano0:28:330:29:53.7281
Norine Hochman0:27:050:25:39.4686
Max Fitzgerald0:27:300:26:00.9489
Christina Collins0:28:170:29:46.7890
Geury Vargas0:34:480:33:18.2290
Linda Squitieri0:33:460:35:24.5599
Neil Squitieri0:33:440:35:24.31100
Casey Duchesne0:25:300:23:45.87104
Tom Okiro0:22:150:24:00.87106
Karen Davies0:28:320:26:41.64110
Helena Randolph0:28:170:26:25.72111
Lisa Torregrossa0:36:100:34:04.50125
Arthur Weisberg0:36:070:34:02.29125
Sam Bader0:28:300:26:14.88135
Casey Samuels0:28:580:26:15.18163
Kathleen Adinolfi0:38:000:34:59.18181
Pedro Campoverde0:29:400:25:51.72228
Heath Wolfeld0:28:300:24:21.28249
Tanya Serpa1:00:000:40:18.511181
Annelise Serpa1:00:000:25:37.782062
Cheryl KOHUT0:33:00*
Louis Sorell0:32:05*

Ellen Brescher, race director Greg Diamond and Stephanie Jean-Charles

Doug got some great pictures of the run