At the request of the club, this week’s main workout will be held at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights (directions to follow). For those of you that would have difficulties with this location I am offering to organize a separate workout at our normal time and place. For this we would need one person familiar with this workout and an addition two or more to participate. Just let me know if there is any interest. The starting time would be whatever works best for those that are interested.
The workout is:
Hill Repeats:
The workout is 5 x 100, 5 x 50 and 3 x 25 seconds
up the hill
towards the barns and starts from our meeting point. The recovery is the
jog back to the start. This is a great workout for those new to
the speed workouts as we all get back to the start about the same time
as the faster runners will have a longer recovery run back to the start.

For more information: