Taconic Road Runner’s Lost Weekend Holiday Party December 7 at 7pm

Our Party Will Look Nothing Like This

Please join your favorite running club for our annual holiday party!  Come at 7pm, and we’ll rock hard into the night.  The club is providing some awesome entrees, with vegetarian options as well.  We’ll also provide drinks of all variety.    We’d like everyone to bring desert or an appetizer — let’s say if you’re coming early, bring an app.  If you’re staying late, bring desert.  If you’re doing both, you’re our kind of guest and bring whatever you like!

This is a great time to hang out and really enjoy the company of your running buddies with your clothes on.  As it will be dark, there will be little running, but the next day we’ll have our couple’s relay and our cross country relay.  So come run those!

Bring your family, your pets, whatever.  You really can do no wrong.

We can’t wait to see you.



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