Mudders and Grunters 2021

Our COVID protocols have been working, so we’re thrilled to announce:

Westchester’s oldest trail race,  the Mudders and Grunters Cross Country Race will be run Sunday March 21st at 10am at FDR Park.

As Usual:

  • All runners compete on the same approximately 5 mile, single loop course.
  • The course is run off road, through as much muck, mud and water as we can find.
  • Some hills are included.
  • Multiple water crossings are present; depth is dependent on pre-race weather.
  • Course difficulty is determined by weather.
  • Wear old shoes and clothes. Eye goggles recommended. 

New this year

  • We’re lowering prices and eating the processing charges – $20, $18 if you’re a Taconic (which you should be)
  • You must wear a mask at all times except when actually running, and maintain social distance from everyone in the park not racing even if it means you run slower.
  • We’re doing pies to the top three winners male/female, No age group  prizes but we’ll have the winners posted online.
  • The World Famous “Geronimo Cup” is a being suspended for this year.
  • Race capped at 120.
  • Age limit – no runners under 13 years old
  • Tee-shirt to all 100 registrants, no size guarantees but we’ll do our best.
  • There is no traditional Taconic spread after the race, but you’ll get a bottle of water.
  • The waver is different this year, as we’re asking you to acknowledge the COVID risk. 
  • Pre Registration only, no race day.

Race Director: Nick Jubok (914) 245-0157   email: [email protected]

Race Location