They had some problems with the scoring, but I imagine it was because the Taconics were too fast.  These (unofficial) results are in.  We’re trying to get clarification on how the overall finishers affect these age place finishes.  For example, Alyssa was the 2nd woman overall!


Tim Delaney                           first overall

Martin Fitzgerald                    2nd 45-49

John Cunningham                  3rd 45-49

Tim Delaney                            2nd 60-64

Alyssa Lifrieri                          2nd 45-49

Bill Foley                                 2nd 55-59

Bob Hermesch                         3rd 60-64

Ray Marrero                             1st 65-59

Cathy Groneman                      1st 55-59

Half Marathon

Mike Moccia                                 1st 50-54

Steve Hoanzl                                 3rd 55-59

Marc Oxman                                  2nd 65-69

Debbie Moccia took some great shots: