I’m only going to send out this one email to the entire list for our Winter “Night Ops” runs at Rocky’s. After this it will only be to those who express or have expressed an interest in running them. I’ll send out a full list email when we get back to daylight running.
As to running with a head lamp, I was very skeptical at first when Jessica Miller first suggested it last Fall but after one try I was hooked. It is not as difficult nor as dangerous as you would suspect. The only minor injury last year was mine when I turned an ankle stepping on frozen cow dung. I saw it before stepping on it but it didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t be soft. I can get a good price on head lamps at the WRR store so please let me know if you want one ordered.
There is a full moon on Thursday so it should be fairly bright. The workout is up the barn hill and is 5 x 100, 5 x 50 and 3 x 25 seconds with the recovery being the jog back down.
Congratulations to our speed workout marathoners: Jane Lundy (4th 50F and 1st American) , Ted Pernicano, Mary Natell & Margaret Deluca.