Peekskill Mile 2023 Results

August 20, 2023

Great job everyone!  Several of you mentioned your times were a bit off. So I went to Strava and sure enough there is some consistency to our times being 1-4 seconds slower.I’d say Strava rules rule and you should consider your times a bit faster. I’m tempted to just subtract 2 seconds from everyone’s time. Thoughts? Questions? Email Greg DiamondPhotos here.

11889Christopher Swain, 55M05:04
22877Sean Ryan, 25M05:17
33854Jack Queen, 17M05:19
441849Angus Queen, 16M05:28
5145Julia Aquilino, 16F05:30
62879Mia Sandolo, 16F05:31
751888Ryan Stevenson, 45M05:31
861846Vivek Pabby, 56M05:38
972887Greg Stern, 44M05:40
1082130Evan Bender, 58M05:41
1193114Scott Batten, 54M05:41
12101626Mitchell Kicher, 34M05:44
13112287Christian Coscio, 30M05:45
143821Sarah McGovern, 33F05:46
1541656Jessica Masterson, 17F05:47
16123867David Rolston, 43M05:50
1751625Renee Keplinger, 38F05:50
1862298Brooke Fazio, 16F05:52
19133836Nathan Nokes, 37M05:52
2072583Kerry Guaragno, 31F05:55
2181880Joanna Sandolo, 49F06:03
2291696Katherine McCormack, 27F06:08
2314427Daniel Antoon, 34M06:10
24151848Kenneth Pfaff, 69M06:14
25165896Ronald Yan, 33M06:16
26103838Alison Nokes, 35F06:20
27172643Jorge Losch, 64M06:25
28186285Timothy Collins, 37M06:26
29193617Peter Hofmann, 64M06:32
30204641Edward Levy, 56M06:42
31211300Sean Flaherty, 14M06:45
32225657Alan Masterson, 52M06:54
33231870Ken Rolston, 71M06:56
34112609Janine Healy, 43F07:02
35244665Robert Mazyk, 61M07:08
36121614Norine Hochman, 53F07:09
37254291Peter Curran, 44M07:12
38265250Pedro Campoverde, 41M07:15
39132839Anya Pabby, 20F07:17
40276480eric greenberg, 50M07:28
41142466Audrey Gherardi, 51F07:29
42154283Christina Collins, 34F07:33
43287288Liam Coughlan, 51M07:51
44296295Mark Dolan, 46M07:51
4516360Brianna Armstrong, 24F07:56
4617339Lisa Aquilino, 51F08:09
47184824Victoria Metz, 60F08:10
4819477Annarose Armstrong, 24F08:11
49205644Kim MacKinnon, 30F08:12
50307296Patrick Dooley, 34M08:13
51215297Sarah Fanning, 59F08:15
52223884Jacqueline Soccodato, 44F08:23
53318251Andrew Chasen, 58M08:31
54236890Michelle Tenzyk, 60F08:42
55246881Jordan Silver, 35F08:44
56257832Maureen Morrissey, 61F08:46
57327113Justin Baker, 40M08:49
58264893Miho Urisaka, 40F08:49
59275883Sophia Smith, 43F08:52
60331645Tom Maile, 81M08:53
61281638Cheryl KOHUT, 78F08:59
62298891Lisa Torregrossa, 60F09:11
63342613Bob Hermesch, 73M09:32
64301293Avery Doell, 9F09:33
65358294Greg Doell, 49M09:33
66319241Ines Campoverde, 62F09:45
67365406Michael Flaherty, 67M09:49
683210292Cheryl Debow, 58F09:50
69376640Robert Landman, 60M09:50
70387642Mark Loftus, 63M09:56
71332592Sophie Healy, 8F10:34
72343875Emily Ryan, 10F10:55
73354872Hannah Rome, 5F11:15
74367847Christine Paska, 38F11:15
75398871Jim Rome, 39M11:16
76409833Emil Moussa, 37M11:31
77375873Lee Ryan, 7F11:34
78386874Jessica Ryan, 8F11:38
79419876Keith Ryan, 43M11:38
803911620Barbara Humphrey, 63F11:39
81407593Kelsey Healy, 6F12:00
82429594Tim Healy, 53M12:00