Great out there everyone!!!!  Cathy wrote this great email to the women’s team, let’s share it!

The Percy Sutton 5k was run in Harlem today in better weather than was the Club Team Championship.  The weather today was 71 degrees with 64% humidity and some sun.

Thanks to the women who ran: Suzanne LaBurt (19:27, 1st in age), Jane Lundy (20:16, 2nd in age), Karen Davies (23:46, 6th in age), Fran Pisano (25:47, 6th in age), Deb Kenney (29:42), Cathy Groneman (30:12, 3rd in age), Annamarie James (32:33), and Jessica Woolf (33:40, 6th in age).

Here are the preliminary results.

Taconic’s 40+ women’s team finished 3rd today, keeping them in 4th place overall.

The 50+ women finished 1st today; way to go, ladies!! This keeps them in 2nd place overall within striking distance of first place Urban Athletics.

The 60+ women finished 3rd today, keeping the team in 3rd place overall.  Not bad for a first year’s attempt as a team 

Taconic women’s teams are running really well, but this is no time to sit back and congratulate ourselves.  We have a tough finish to our schedule: the Fifth Avenue Mile (9/9), the Bronx 10M (9/30), the Staten Island Half (10/14) and the Ted Corbitt 15k (12/8).  If there is a chance you can run any of these races, please register ASAP.  We can’t win it if we don’t run it! And every runner matters; we can’t place with only 2 runners, even if they are the fastest runners in the club.  We need 3 runners to score as a team.  

I hope to see you on the roads soon.  And, as  always,


Cathy Groneman, Women’s Team Captail

The men did pretty well too! Steve Calidonna was our first finisher for 2nd in his age group, Greg Diamond rocked his race, and Ken Pfaff did great as well, finishing under 20!

President Tom Maile won his division as well!!!  What a great showing out there!

Overall PlaceGender PlaceAge-Group PlaceBibNameGender/AgeIAAFOverall TimePaceGun TimeAge-Graded Time Age-Graded PlaceAge- Graded Percent
22920523709Steven CalidonnaM63USA0:19:2006:140:19:270:15:20 1884.71%
2402714864Suzanne La BurtF55USA0:19:2706:160:19:390:16:26 289.91%
27824745544Greg DiamondM61USA0:19:4706:220:19:570:15:57 3781.44%
30626952030Kenneth PfaffM64USA0:19:5606:250:20:040:15:41 2882.87%
3624421311Jane LundyF58USA0:20:1606:320:20:280:16:32 389.35%
52946191182Scott FriedlandM60USA0:21:1406:500:21:290:17:16 13175.24%
111890172606Joseph PorcaroM69USA0:23:4007:370:24:100:17:47 17273.05%
115322963915Karen DaviesF58USA0:23:4607:390:24:230:19:24 4576.18%
12941015973967Marc CapicchioniM45USA0:24:1607:490:25:330:22:10 89258.57%
178547562804Francine PisanoF61USA0:25:4708:180:27:220:20:17 7672.82%
2283158414863Thomas MaileM76USA0:27:2408:490:28:210:18:39 26269.66%
2362162474865Edward DillonM71USA0:27:3708:540:30:460:20:17 51464.02%
29981096135765Debra KenneyF62USA0:29:4209:340:31:170:23:05 25664.01%
3144118532208Cathy GronemanF65USA0:30:1209:430:31:480:22:35 21265.40%
31821975303718Skip HovdestadM68USA0:30:2109:460:33:440:23:03 107456.36%
36391512793275Annamarie JamesF46USA0:32:3310:290:39:140:30:19 137548.72%
38102179154862Howard SolowM74USA0:33:2510:460:42:460:23:32 118855.19%
3858166562012Jessica WoolfF69USA0:33:4010:510:40:340:23:53 34261.85%
39602224282429Cory JohnsonM40USA0:34:1711:020:44:040:32:28 227940.00%