Jack Brennan Photo slightly underSaturday, August 24, 2019; 8:00 AM (Rain or Shine)

MEETING POINT:  At the parking lot by the Sleepy Hollow High School athletic fields.  Meet at 8:00am then walk, run or drive the approximate 3/4 mile to the burial which will take place at 9:00am.

  By foot:  As you go along you will see Douglas Park to the left and then the upper part of the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  There is a gate to the cemetery below the trail after you travel along the fence for a while.  There is a dirt path to the gate.  Jack’s grave is just inside the gate.

NOTE TO DIE HARD RUNNERS:  Runners may wish to run the trails starting at 8am or earlier and meet at the burial site by 9am.

By car:  From the parking lot, go down the hill and turn right onto Broadway (Route 9). Do not take the first right which enters Weber Park. At the Old Dutch Church, enter the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery gate on the right.  Keep the Pocantico River  to your right until you get to a wooden bridge that crosses the river.  Go over the bridge and up to the top of the cemetery.  Go left along the top until you come to the burial site.

BURIAL:  Jack’s ashes will be buried at 9am by the cemetery staff.  In celebration of his life, the sharing of Jack Brennan stories is welcome.

TOMBSTONE:  Jack’s tombstone will be erected in about two months.  It will be easily viewed as you run or walk along the OCA Trail as it will be in the top row by the gate.

GATHERING:  Food and drink (light brunch) after the ceremony at Douglas Park next to the cemetery. Facing downhill from the burial site, go to the far left of the cemetery to the gate entering the park.  Continue on the path to the gathering site.  When leaving the park, you can use the railroad tie stairs up to the OCA Trial.  The park is along the Pocantico River and is well shaded and very beautiful.

Going to the gathering?  Please RSVP to Tom Maile at Tcmaile@aol.com.