Hi Saturday runners,
I ran at the pumphouse today.  The unpaved roads were pretty wet and sloppy, but not terrible. The paved streets around the Teatown loop were fine.  Naturally, the parking lot wasn't plowed.  It's supposed to get very cold on Friday night, so on Saturday morning, the unpaved roads will probably be icy and we may not be able to use the parking lot. We can:
a)  meet at the regular place and hope for the best.
b)  meet at the first water stop. (Park on the street between the water stop and the dam.) 
c)  change the Saturday run to FDR for a few weeks until things improve.  
Janet's on for water this week and is fine with whatever.
Please let me know your preference.
Jan  31   Janet H
Feb  7    open
Feb 14   open
Feb 21   open
Feb 28   open