Hi Saturday Runners,

Our supplies were taken from the second waterstop 3 times in the last few
months, and probably about a dozen times over the past 2 years. We’ve never
had a problem at the mailboxes (first waterstop.)
I’ve received a few suggestions:
1) Find a better location for a second waterstop.
2) Only have 1 waterstop – keep it at the mailboxes; it’s easy for
runners to loop back and use this waterstop 2 or 3 times. One advantage
would be that it would take less time to put out and pick up the supplies,
and more runners might volunteer to do water duty.
3) Keep things as they are, and keep reminding waterstop volunteers
not to use anything of value at the second stop – just a cardboard box with
a bare minimal amount of supplies. It’s a nice motivation to run up the
long hill.

If you are in favor of any of these suggestions or have any other ideas,
please let me know.