Hi Saturday Runners,

*** Last week, someone swiped the water that Ted had put out at the second
water stop. This happened several times a few years ago, but this is he
first time in the last couple of years. If it continues to happen, we’ll
have to talk about finding a new spot. (We’ve never had a problem at the
first water stop.) For now, please be careful to only put a fairly minimal
amount out (1 gal water 1/2 gal Gatorade, cups) in a plain cardboard box
(no cooler) and perhaps push it back away from the street so it’s not too

Jimmy and Lorraine will be putting the water and gatorade out this
Saturday. The latest schedule is listed below.

Recommended Supplies:
Mailboxes – 2 gal water, 2 gal gatorade (4 – 64 oz bottles), 75 cups, 1
roll of paper towels
Triangle – 1 gal water, 1/2 gal of gatorade and 25 cups

Please don’t pick up the water before 9:30.

You can sign up by sending an email to water@runner.org or by replying to
this message


Oct 14 Jim/Lorraine A

Oct 21 open

Oct 28 Andy D

Nov 4 open

Nov 11 open