Hi Saturday runners,

Karen will take care of the water and Gatorade tomorrow. Everything after
this is open.

*Another note on the missing supplies:* Ted reports that after having his
supplies taken last year, he’s been putting a sign on them saying DO NOT
TAKE, FOR SATURDAY RUNNERS. This might be worth a try.

Recommended supplies:
Mailboxes – 2 gal water, 6 qts gatorade, 50 cups, 1 roll paper towels
Triangle – 1 gal water, 2 qts gatorade, 25 cups

Please don’t pick up water before 9:30

You can sign up by sending me an email at water@runner.org or by replying
to this message.


Feb 23 Karen D
March 2 open
March 9 open
March 16 open