Hi Saturday Runners,

We probably shouldn’t bother putting out water tomorrow (unless anyone
really wants to do it.) Going by prior years’ experiences, the parking lot
won’t be plowed and the first couple of miles of the trails may be slushy,
wet, and slippery. So the best way to run there may be to park near the
waterstop, run a loop or 2 around Teatown, stopping at your car for a drink
if needed.

Everything after this week is open and ready for volunteers.

Recommended supplies (first waterstop only):

1 gallon of water
4 quarts of gatorade
40 cups
Paper Towels
Hand Sanitizer

Please don’t pick up the water before 9:30.

You can sign up by sending me an email at water@runner.org or by replying
to this message.


Dec 19 open

Dec 26 open

Jan 2 open

Jan 9 open