Hi Saturday runners,


As you know, parking conditions at the pumphouse have been terrible, and after today's storm, the roads will be bad for a while.


We've decided to move our Saturday long run to FDR park for at least this week, and possibly longer until conditions improve at the pumphouse.


We'll meet at parking lot 1, and we can all bring our own water and stop at our cars as we pass by.


We had tentatively decided to meet at 7:30, but according to the FDR website, the park opens at 8:00.  You FDR regulars, let us know if we can run at 7:30 or if we should change our start time to 8:00.


Here's an optimistic schedule for our future runs.

You can sign up by sending an email to water@runner.org or by replying to this message.


The usual recommended quantities are listed below, but you can certainly cut back in this weather.

Please don't retrieve water before 9:30.


Thanks, Skip

Feb 15   at FDR

Feb 22   Josh W

Mar  1    Jin C

Mar  8    open

Mar 15   open

Recommended Supplies:
Mailboxes – 3 gal water,  2 gal gatorade (4 – 64 oz bottles), 75 cups, 1 roll of paper towels
Triangle – 1 gal water, 1/2 gal of gatorade and 25 cups