Hi Saturday runners,


As they say, “the best laid schemes o' mice an' runners…..”


Looking at the latest weather forecast, we may have some new snow by tomorrow morning.


I still don't know whether or not we can start before 8:00 at FDR.  If the roads seem OK, let's meet at 8:00 at parking lot 1, and remember it's B.Y.O.W.


Don't forget to run and/or volunteer to help at the Freezer 5M at 10:00 Sunday at FDR.  The park roads should be fine by then.


Here's the optimistic schedule for future runs.

You can sign up by sending an email to water@runner.org or by replying to this message.


The usual recommended quantities are listed below, but you can certainly cut back in this weather.

Please don't retrieve water before 9:30.


Thanks, Skip

Feb 15   at FDR

Feb 22   Josh W

Mar  1    Jin C

Mar  8    open

Mar 15   open

Recommended Supplies:
Mailboxes – 3 gal water,  2 gal gatorade (4 – 64 oz bottles), 75 cups, 1 roll of paper towels
Triangle – 1 gal water, 1/2 gal of gatorade and 25 cups