The Taconics were all over the map this weekend, but it looks like we all ran great!

In Central Park, what an amazing showing.  We always mention Tom as he keeps putting in these amazing times, with a 34:32 for a hilly 10k!  Joe Porcaro ROCKED and won his division, as did Tom Maile.  Lee McLaughlin is back and now we miss her even more than ever as she won her division!  Steve Calidonna and Jane Lundy both came in second their divisions.

Greg Diamond and Nancy Young went down to run the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in DC and did great.  Greg came in second in his division, with a 1:00:59 which is a 6:05 pace and an AG 87%  Amazing show.

Greg Cohen, who has no problem writing about himself in the third person, ran a 10k on a runway at the Scottsdale airport with a 41:20 for a PR, first in division, and 4th overall.  We understand he is quite happy about that.  But you’d have to ask him.

Here are the results from Scotland.  But listen, we all had a great weekend, let’s open the comments and tell us what you did.  And put in a good word for your friends as well.



Last NameFirst NameSex/ageBibTeamCityStateCountryOverall PlaceGender PlaceAge PlaceNet TimePace Per MileAG TimeAG Gender PlaceAG %
DelaneyThomasM26251TRRWaccabucNYUSA3636200:34:325:35:000:34:328277.78 %
CalidonnaStevenM59183TRRYorktown HeightsNYUSA19617520:38:336:14:000:31:171185.85 %
LundyJaneF54520TRRYonkersNYUSA4135020:41:116:39:000:34:33387.80 %
La BurtSuzanneF501419TRRGreenwood LakeNYUSA5216530:42:116:49:000:37:152181.46 %
SchrokoGreggM46701TRRBrewsterNYUSA615536460:42:526:55:000:38:4236269.39 %
PorcaroJosephM65643TRRPutnam ValleyNYUSA63155110:42:576:56:000:33:023781.31 %
DelaneyTimothyM65252TRRWaccabucNYUSA85074020:44:137:08:000:34:006178.98 %
HermeschBobM64413TRRCroton/hudsonNYUSA1268105990:46:297:30:000:36:0516174.43 %
MaileThomasM711481TRRCortlandt ManorNYUSA1408117210:47:047:36:000:34:026278.92 %
StockerEmmyF553872TRRCos CobCTUSA165830860:48:067:46:000:39:506176.16 %
ColellaFrankM511872TRRScarsdaleNYUSA236418321110:50:298:09:000:43:48109561.32 %
DelucaMargaretF544195TRRWaccabucNYUSA2458560200:50:488:12:000:42:3812171.17 %
GrenierGeorgeM481304TRRKatonahNYUSA246719052010:50:498:12:000:45:10135859.45 %
JenTobeyF517351TRRChappaquaNYUSA2683637220:51:368:20:000:44:5922767.44 %
HovdestadSkipM643319TRRMt KiscoNYUSA32162360240:53:148:36:000:41:1968864.99 %
GronemanCathyF614294TRRCarmelNYUSA336793240:53:438:40:000:40:598374.04 %
McLaughlinLeeF665530TRRWest Palm BeachFLUSA4971177810:58:349:27:000:41:299073.12 %
WesselyDeborahF546832TRRGarrisonNYUSA59362391811:02:2010:04:000:52:1996957.99 %
MalcolmDiahannF568473TRRBriarcliff ManoNYUSA74903468651:13:3511:53:001:00:09233650.43 %

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