From left: Rich, Carol Hansen, Dan Moffitt, Nancy Young, Steve Quinn, Dave O’Toile and Sparky Lyle in 2003

Richard J. Adamski, a wonderful and warm Taconic, passed away in July.

He co-founded Support Connection more than two decades ago in memory of his wife, Myra, who died from breast cancer in 1994.

The Yorktown-based charity organization has provided support services to thousands of women around the United States battling breast and ovarian cancer.

Entering its 23rd year, the Support-A-Walk, held at FDR Park in Yorktown, remains Support Connection’s largest fundraiser, drawing thousands of participants every October. The walk offers family members and friends the opportunity to honor loved ones who have died from or are battling breast or ovarian cancer.

In honor of Rich, the Taconic Road Runners made a donation. We’d like to encourage you to do the same.  Here is Nancy’s moving letter to Support Connection’s Executive Director, Kathy Quinn:

Dear Kathy,

This summer your organization and ours suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Rich Adamski.  Rich and Nancy Heller were inspired to create Support Connection for our local communities and cancer survivors after participating in the Race for the Cure (in memory of Rich’s beloved Myra) with a busload of Taconic Road Runners Club members and friends in 1994.  We cherish the notion that we were instrumental in creating the inspirational spark that led to the birth of Support Connection.  What started as three of Rich’s running friends seeking a way to honor Myra and console Rich has grown into an amazing and successful organization providing much needed support, information and guidance to cancer patients, survivors and family members.

Our organization remains committed to participating in and volunteering at the annual Support-a-Walk in whatever way best assists you and your dedicated volunteers.  In this way we hope to continue to honor our dear friend Rich, his wife Myra and Debbie, Michael and their families.  There isn’t a day that goes by when we aren’t reminded of Rich’s big heart and cheerful smile.  He was instrumental in creating our organization and yours – a bond that few others share.  How lucky we all are to have called him our friend.

Enclosed please find our donation in memory of Rich.  We hope you can find a way to use this to honor Rich, Myra and all those who’ve lived with cancer and found their way to the embrace of the Support Connection.

With all our best for your continued success,

Nancy E. Young

Please think of Rich and

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