We morn the loss of Summer Youth Track Program coach Neil E. Hart. Rich Nash, the director of SYTP eloquently described how much Neil meant to him and the program:

Neil was there from the beginning as a coach back in 2000 until he got sick a few years ago.
He was one of two people who was able to coach any of our age graded groups going to wherever he was needed.
He was at all promotional events such as the Somers and Yorktown Summer Teen Camp Expo held at night during the winter.
He was at all Kickoff and Year End Meetings with valuable input and we adopted some of his ideas.
He cooked at the year end picnic year after year.
He was outgoing, pleasant, and his personality was addicting. 
He was great with the kids and they respected his coaching knowledge.
He seldom missed a session.
He was always there helping me set up and taking down our equipment loading the van.
He was one of the first to arrive and last to leave.
He and Bob Ancona were like co-directors.
I can’t say enough good things about him. Such a loss.
Details about the services are here.
As a club we are only as good as our members and those who support us. We are grateful for all Neil did for us and we offer our deepest and sincerely condolences to his family.