Taconic 2021 Forecast

From Tom Maile, club president, a letter to the membership 1/1/2021

Hi Fellow Taconics,

First of all, I hope you and your families are doing OK.  It’s been an awful year but I think we are beginning to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  The Club has been pretty much dormant since March but we are planning for a reinvigorated 2021.

Here’s what is going on.

The last event we held in 2020 was the Freezer Five Mile.  Starting with the St. Pat’s Day Races the rest of the season was cancelled.  We did have a Club Meeting in FDR Park in September, mask and socially distance, bring your own food, etc.  

We finally had a race this past October, the Town of Cortlandt 5K held on the 31st, Halloween.  The Town approved the event under specific safety instructions.  Social distancing required staggered starts, no pre or post-race food, and no award ceremony.  Masks were worn at all times, except when actually racing. After finishing runners were encouraged to leave.  Awards were eventually mailed out to the usual categories.

Our 2021 plans are coming together.  We have paid our 2021 RRCA membership dues, and race and event insurance, more on that later.    FDR Park has approved our usual race and event schedule, including the Club Meetings at the Lot 6 pavilion during the warm months, and the Beer Mile and the Predict Your Time races.  So the Freezer 5’s, St.Pats, M&G, and Mother’s Day are on.  Our events outside of FDR Park will require the various permissions of the localities and venues involved.  The template for the first race, the Freezer 5K, will be the model going forward.  For the Freezer 5K:

  • No Race Day Registration (all online with no RunSignUp fee).
  • Masks on at all times, removed only during the race.
  • No food or fire in Pavilion 1, bib pick up at Parking lot 1.
  • Race start and finish will be at the same location.
  • Race start will be socially distanced.
  • No early arrivals, registered runners will be emailed their start time.
  • Taconic Gaiters (no shirts) and water bottles handed out at the finish.
  • No awards ceremony, awards to top 3 male and female only.
  • The race fee will be dramatically lower-no food or awards.

These procedures may be altered slightly as we get closer to race day.  

As mentioned earlier our RRCA membership and insurance fees have been paid for 2021.  We have had to modify our existing membership and race participation waivers, however, to include covid-19 specific guidelines and requirements.  You can click on the links to read the wavers now, or they’ll be presented when you renew or sign up for a race. We will also be developing a waiver covering group run participants for members and non-members for group runs such as the Saturday morning pump house runs.

So, we are on our way back.  As the year progresses we will be able to adjust our way back to normalcy at the pace our environment mandates.  So, stay safe, stay focused and we hope to see you at the Freezer Fives.

Tom Maile
Taconic Road Runners Club