The workout is our pacing workout of 4 times 3 minutes out and 3 minutes back. The goal is to get back to the exact starting point without looking at your watch after the turnaround. We will be going out on a slight downhill so we all have to ratchet up the effort coming back in order to return to the starting point at exactly 6 minutes. We will be starting very close to the entrance to Parking lot 6 where the club meeting is being held right afterward.
I will start at 5:30 for those of you who need to leave early but will be will be doing a total of five so those who are not able to get there by 5:30 can still get in their 4 repeats. The workout takes exactly 33 minutes from start to finish, the club meeting with beer, wine and food starts at 6:30 so we’ll be able to get right to the front of the line.